Trail Blazer: Single Session to Explore & Map Your Unique Journey

Who this is for: Aspiring Leaders and High Achievers venturing into coaching for the first time, or returning clients looking to course-correct.

The Trail Blazer is a single session to light up your unique path, designed especially for coaching newcomers to experience the benefits firsthand.

Investment: $500

*This can be applied to future programs should you choose to continue. Secure this opportunity with a one-time payment in full.


Kolbe A™ Interpretation

The Kolbe assessment will help improve communication with your loved ones, at work, and most importantly, with yourself.
This session includes the Assessment cost ($55) plus a one-hour session to go through the results together so that you can get customized feedback on how to apply the Kolbe results to real-life situations.

*If you've already taken the Kolbe and would like to schedule an interpretation to go over your results, email support@carlyclarkzimmer.com for a $55 coupon code.